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Who is MPA?

MPA Business Services Limited (MPA) is a specialist business intelligence agency addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

MPA provides a wide-range of key business intelligence data, as well as covering the specialised services emerging from the identification, presentation and interpretation of such data (including patent and product licence information).

Established by its principal Martin Paltnoi in 1973, MPA offers over 40 years experience in the field of market research and business intelligence. Martin Paltnoi is widely recognised as an expert in his field, in the provision, identification and interpretation of pharmaceutical patent intelligence globally.

Through its work, MPA has built up a distinguished reputation and track record in delivering key business intelligence for companies. It has serviced over 100 clients in the past two years, and since launch has worked with in excess of 250 companies and organisations.

MPA’s main driving force is to provide a ‘value added service’; not only as a provider of essential data and content, but by also guiding clients in the interpretation and placement of that data in the marketing and corporate strategy framework. The global pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic and fast moving market, worth in excess of USD$750billion per annum. The services provided by MPA are relevant to over 20,000 companies worldwide (in fact any company wishing to launch a pharmaceutical product in a territory which is a signatory of the Patent Convention Treaty (PCT)).

A Word From The Founder...

MPA Business Services cover the full spectrum of intelligence and information relevant to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, not only in the United Kingdom, Europe and most of the First World countries, but also many emerging countries. As a fully qualified market researcher I have operated as a professional investigator for over 40 years most of these being devoted to pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

In the majority of trading environments strategic marketing decision-making is dependent upon the quality of data and information available. Of course, there are some who "fly by the seat of their pants" and are, very often, accurate in the decisions they take, but, when wrong, the costs can be enormous. Even with the best data available mistakes are made, but here such mistakes are fewer; good information improves the decision-making process and minimises the level of risk-taking.

Healthcare does not always involve marketing and trading and, ergo, good data is not the sole prerogative of marketing. Over the years MPA has helped many non-trading bodies in healthcare. The Department of Health is a good example. The NHS Supplies and other affiliates including the MHRA are significant clients needing and using our available data. The need to have good information is still there even in non-trading environments.

The cost of data-acquisition in terms of time and money spent can be high, but the cost of wrong or delayed decisions can be significantly higher. We believe the pay-back on data acquisition, although intangible, is real and fast. The quality of data is dependent upon the quality of its sources. "Rubbish In-Rubbish Out" is an expression often heard, but is true nonetheless. MPA has spent considerable time and resource in cultivating and maintaining reliable sources.

As a business, we have been doing this longer than most which is why our output is respected and valued by a wide range of users worldwide. MPA Business Services provides important information on specific areas concerning pharmaceutical and healthcare industries including the following:


...and in all aspects relating to production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The primary objective of MPA Business Services is to provide information that improves the quality of decision-making in marketing and corporate strategic planning.

At MPA, we view the future, today.

Martin Paltnoi - Managing Director

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