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Anatomical Classification of Pharmaceutical Products

The Anatomical Classification of Pharmaceutical Products has been developed and maintained by the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA). This is a method that has been adopted by the pharmaceutical industry for the classifiaction of therepeutic areas.

MPA's patent and spc database includes anatomical classification codes, allowing patents related to specific products to be easily and quickly identified within their area of therapeutic use.

The following is a basic list of anatomical code classifications:

A      Alimentary Tract & Metabolism
A1    Stomatologicals
A2    Antacids, Antiflatulents & Anti-Peptic Ulcerants
A3    Gastro-Intestinal Antispasmodics & Anticholinergics
A4    Anti-Emetics/Anti-Nauseants
A5    Cholagogues – Hepatic Protectants
A6    Laxitives
A7    Antidiarrhoeals
A8    Anti-Obesity Preparations
A9    Digestives including Enzymes
A10  Antidiabetic Therapy
A11  Vitamins
A12  Mineral Supplements
A13  Tonics
A14  Anabolics, Systemic
A15  Appetite Stimulants
A16  Other Metabolic Products

B     Blood & Blood-Forming Organs
B1   Anticoagulants/Platelet Inhibitors
B2   Antihaemorrhagics
B3   Antianaemics
B4   Other Haematologicals

C    Cardiovascular System
C1  Cardiac Therapy
C2  Hypotensives
C3  Diuretics
C4  Peripheral Vasodilators
C5  Vasoprotectors
C6  Other Cardiovascular Preparations
C7  Beta-Blocking Agents
C8  Calcium Antagonists
C9  ACE Inhibitors
C10 Hypolipidaemics/Antiatheroma Preparations

D   Dermatologicals
D1 Antifungals, Dermatologicals
D2 Emollients and Protectives
D3 Cicatrizants
D4 Topical Antipruritics
D5 Topical Anti-Psoriasis Products
D6  Topical Antibiotics – Sulphonamides
D7  Topical Corticosteroids
D8   Antiseptics & Disinfectants
D9   Medicated Dressings
D10 Anti-Acne Preparations
D11  Other Dermatologicals

G    Genito-Urinary System & Sex Hormones
G1 Gynaecological Anti-Infectives
G2 Other Gynaecologicals
G3    Sex Hormones
G4     Urologicals

H    Systemic Hormones
H1    A.C.T.H.
H2    Systemic Corticosteroids
H3    Thyroid Therapy
H4    Other Systemic Hormones

J    Systemic Anti-Infectives
J1    Antibiotics, Systemic
J2    Systemic Antifungals
J3    Sulphonamides
J4    Anti-Mycobacterials
J5    Systemic Antivirals
J6    Sera & Gamma Globulin   
J7    Vaccines
J8     Other Anti-Infectives

K    Hospital Solutions
K1    Intravenous Solutions
K2    Plasma Expanders
K3    Blood & Plasma Substitutes
K4    Injection Solutions
K5    Irrigating Solutions
K6     Dialysis Solutions

L    Cytostatics
L1    Cytostatics
L2    Cytostatic Hormone Therapy
L3    Immunostimulating Agents
L4    Immunosuppressive Agents

M    Musculo-Skeletal System
M1    Antirheumatics, Systemic
M2    Antirheumatics, Topical
M3    Muscle Relaxants
M4    Antigout Preparations
M5    Other Musculo-Skeletal Preparations

N    Central Nervous System
N1    Anaesthetics
N2    Analgesics
N3    Antiepileptics
N4    Anti-Parkinson Preparations
N5    Psycholeptics
N6    Psychoanaleptics
N7    Other CNS Preparations

P    Parasitology
P1    Antiparasitics

R    Respiratory System
R1    Nasal Decongestants/Anti-Infectives
R2    Pharyngeal Preparations
R3    Antiasthmatics
R4    Chest Rubs & Inhalants
R5    Cough & Cold Preparations
R6    Antihistaminics, Systemic
R7    Other Respiratory Preparations

S    Sensory Organs
S1    Ophthalmologicals
S2    Otologicals
S3    Eye & Ear Preparations

T    Diagnostic Agents
T1    Diagnostic Imaging
T2    Diagnostic Tests

V    Various
V1    Allergens
V2    Immunomodulators
V3    Other Therapeutic Products
V4    Diagnostic Agents
V5    Surgical Antiseptics
V6    General Nutrients
V7    Other Non-Therapeutics

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