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Singulair - Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc vs Merck Sharpe & Dohme

Specific Mechanism – Ambiguity, Confusion and Conflict

Medeva and Georgetown - Combination Drugs and SPCs


Is Your Loss of IP Exclusivity Approaching?

Then you may need product price analogues to see what may happen once generics enter the market.

Using analogues helps companies see not only how the prices have declined, but how commercial strategies have worked in the past. Did sales revenues increase when the brand price was equalised against the generic equivalent or did the introduction of a slow release form delay the erosion of the brand?

Wavedata can supply analogues to help you understand these issues.

Alternatively, are you interested in patent, spc and paediatric date expires?

 post generic launch price drop

 price decline of omeprazole price decline of simvastatin

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