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Pharmaceutical Patent Intelligence

This subject is a vital aspect of any pharmaceutical company’s knowledge contributing towards the development of marketing strategy. With the implementation of the EC Regulation covering the Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) on the 2nd January 1993 the perceived need to be aware has become paramount.

As a marketing research consultancy we have been involved in the supply of patent intelligence since the mid 1970’s; MPA has become acutely aware of its significance over the years and believes it has evolved a comprehensive service to cope with all needs in this area.

The Patent Intelligence categories MPA cover are as follows:-


These Reviews contain the patent status of all drugs placed on the market, i.e. over 1000 chemical entities. For those substances still covered by a basic patents we identify, patent number, priority, patentee, patent date, patent and SPC expiry as well as provide peripheral information like branded entities containing the pharmaceutical, CAS numbers, lists of patents in chronological sequence by date of expiry.

The major emphasis in this series is European covering UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy although reports covering any major country in the EC could be provided if required. The Reports are available on a per-country or multi-state basis and are maintained so that each is guaranteed to be up-to-date when purchased. Most countries within the Patent Convention Treaty can be covered on an ad hoc basis.


This is a monthly service that until recently was confined to the UK. This has now been extended to include other major European countries. It covers patent status of new products entering the UK market. For those subscribing to the European of UK Review as well as the NEW PRODUCT PATENT service an updated UK Review will be available for a nominal charge every twelve months.

An additional benefit of this service is that we keep clients abreast of key issues concerning pharmaceutical patents. For example, MPA has been monitoring, describing and evaluating the EC directive regarding Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) and reporting to existing clients accordingly.


For those interested in knowing the availability of pharmaceutical products through patent expiry, it is not enough just to known when the patent expires. It is essential to know the expiry of the relevant Supplementary Protection Certificate, hereafter referred to as SPC.

Nearly all new products coming onto the market will have extended exclusivity through an SPC. These are evaluated and granted at the national level; therefore for each country and EU member state of interest, knowledge of the locally obtained SPC is essential.


Although the publication of patent intelligence is an important part of MPA operations, almost an equal amount of effort is required to field the many ad hoc enquiries on pharmaceutical patents. This would include further dissemination of the patent status beyond the ‘basic patent’ level, including process, formulation, patents covering countries not included in our publications…or merely the acquisition of patent specifications.


We have long been aware that patents can be used to provide a vast amount of information about pharmaceuticals, new formulations and the processes used to make them. They also indicate the areas in which companies are active and the current trends in their research. All of this is invaluable in providing competitor information as well as stimulating ideas for new product development.

Our experience has shown that many areas within a company can use this form of intelligence. It could be patents department, legal, marketing, medical information, R and D, or just for the library. If you consider your company would be interested in any of the services described, just let us know. We would be happy to speak to you, personally, or anyone in your organisation.

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