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UK Parallel Imports and Pharmacuetical Patents

One of the most important elements of UK parallel importation is the identification of suitable products. For this it is imperative to identify source of the product where the price is lower than in the United Kingdom.

KEY POINTS: ***Lower Price Products*** *** Source of Product ***

The selected product must sustain the price differential for an extended period.

Products selected must not be patent-expired or shortly to become patent-expired.

Applying for PI licences on patent-expired products is a waste of money.

FACT!! Since the implementation of the UK Parallel Importation scheme in May 1984 many thousands of licences have been granted of which many hundreds were for patent-expired products. WASTE OF MONEY!

FACT!! For less than the cost of two PI licence fees MPA can provide patent expiry intelligence on all marketed human medicines. SAVE MONEY!

To be forewarned can keep you ahead of the field.

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